A social venture is when a firm or an organization chooses to provide systemic change that sustains their venture and their community. We define community as a combination of individuals, businesses and industries with which the venture (non-profit, business or educational organization) exists in and is working on expanding.

We believe a social venture succeeds when programs, products and services create growth (people, joy, size, depth, monetary, and/or leadership) of its organization, while building positive impact for the characters, culture and community it chooses to have impact.

Fer and Kirsten Klug, co-founders of Bamboo River® have twenty years experience working with many organizations, non-profits and companies on social creative campaigns to sustain their success. In 2010, Kirsten decided to take her ideas to heart and apply them to her own venture. Her success has provided a deeper understanding of how to lead other social leaders on similar missions, while also allowing the Healthy and Fun Choices® venture to help other organizations leverage their success.

In the last two years, Kirsten has realized her desire to focus her consulting on helping organizations elevate their success, reach and customers. And Fer has realized his desire to focus on product-to-market consulting and helping to innovate in the 3D product industry. While they both really enjoy consulting, they still enjoy doing the actual design work and overseeing their production team of freelancers and programmers.

Kirsten Klug can help you: 
• understand and define your mission, vision, venture and program goals;
• select outcomes including accountability and research;
• develop innovative planning and partnerships;
• create communication campaigns that educate, build awareness and encourage participation;
• consult about initiatives with short-term results and long-term change; and
• manage planning, designing and implementing of programs, fundraising efforts, and events.

In 1998, S-Lem Electric Vehicles were being imported into Portland, Oregon from Switzerland. The vision was that this small electric- or man-powered vehicle could offer a new way to commute to work. Through conversations with the importer, initiatives and proposals were presented to the City of Portland to get charging stations integrated throughout the city. By 2012 the charging stations became a reality.

In 1999, City of Lake Oswego approached us to design signs for the city. Through our investigation process, we discovered that the signs needed to be more than just simple signs. The signs needed to define the city, provide stability, communicate trust and establish the city as a leader. Today the signs have become a landmark and many other cities have taken followed suit.

In 2003, Liepold Farms asked us to create a new identity for the farm. While talking with the founders, they discovered that their farm could benefit by reaching beyond their fruit stands at the farm. In conversations, we developed a process of how they could effectively communicate with restaurants and grocery stores. In addition, Liepold Farms realized the need to educate the local community about the advantages of organic berries and farmer’s markets. Thanks to Liepold Farms, many people enjoy visiting farmer’s markets throughout the city of Portland, Gresham, Happy Valley, Milwaukie and more.

1n 1997, Fer and Kirsten Klug started working with the business owner of Brooklyn Hardware to create new ads to promote their aluminum hardware hanging system. The ads helped their business grow and allowed them to realize the need for a heavy-weight hanging system and a lighter-weight system. When the economy crashed and the construction industry was hit so hard, Brooklyn Hardware developed a way to reduce the weight of their most popular system the Panelclip® so that it could save shipping costs for their clients. Their innovations have  helped led their industry and their marketing has helped their customers grow their business as well.  “Over the last fifteen years we’ve been able to confidently roll out product innovations that helped our community grow.” –Carol Grant, Owner of Brooklyn Hardware

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