A well-respected professor and Chiropractic physician had written a detailed book called Build A Better You. The big challenge is that it was written really well and in detail, that made it hard to follow and quite honestly, overwhelming.


Using our methodology for organizing information and systems, we reworked the structure into a design with three unique sections. That way, patients could understand and connect with the information. It gave them the ability to have a quick reference resource in two unique ways of finding critical information that was important to their health and wellbeing. We then illustrated the cover design and interior design layout. Next we provided editing and printing services so that Dr. Brouse could self-publish the books and enjoy the higher sales profitability.


“I am really proud of Build A Better You! I have received excellent reviews from my patients and the Shaklee Corporation. t is so nice to have a book that I can sell to my patients and offer on our world tours.” -Dr. Richard Brouse

Build A Better You received the Internationally Independent Book Publishers Award in 2008