The Larson Legacy had been supporting local non-profit organizations for years, yet never communicated all their support in a visual format. The challenge was how to develop a unique identity and create a memorable annual report that would allow them to lead their foundation into its next generation.


Inspired by the depth and strength of an Oak Tree in autumn, Kirsten Klug illustrated a mulit-colored abstract tree that became the logo and cover design. The Annual Report was created with a unique fold-back technique so the outside edge of the book is soft and inviting. The spiral binding technique allows the reader to open the book comfortably and really connect with the stories, images and organizations listed inside


“The Annual Report allowed the organizations that we support to get additional exposure and credibility. I am really proud of the hard work that went into this Annual Report! It has been a real blessing to have the opportunity to work with the Klugs.” -Lee Larson, The Larson Legacy