“We create persuasive communication campaigns, and more importantly, we teach our clients how to be effective leaders of communication. The better we communicate, the healthier we are as individuals, businesses and communities. The healthier we are, the better we contribute to our culture and world.” –Kirsten Klug

Bamboo River (formerly ID Graphics) has been in business since 1994. We originally started as a graphic design firm and as our clients needs changed we grew into a full-service agency and now a marketing and consulting firm. 

We believe that businesses and organizations expand in direct correlation to the how and why they communicate and educate internally and externally. Communicating with attention to using multi-sensory methods for all learning styles enables organizations to connect with individuals and partners in a sustainable way.

We help our clients understand how they can leave lasting impressions and make a difference in the communities they serve, that way they have greater impact, abundance and success.

We believe a sustainable business is made up by effectively reaching these three customer types: baseline, current and ideal. Baseline customers are your foundation to your future, they provide your network and building blocks. Your current customers are who you are working with today and your ideal customers are who you are working towards building stronger relationships.

Not only do we create effective communication campaigns, we also teach our clients how to be effective leaders of communication. It takes an understanding of internal and external communication and training to create a sustainable and growth-oriented business model.