Success Story:


Challenge: After their headquarters in Montavilla neighborhood burnt down and they were rebuilding their store, Montavilla Sewing Center turned to Fer and Kirsten Klug for ideas on how to rebuild their brand as well. Since the big box stores were now selling sewing machines, Montavilla Sewing Centers wanted to develop a way to communicate so they would stand out.

Vision: Create a sewing community of classes, clubs and events that could draw customers in to learn in addition to look for their latest sewing products.

Results: The store communicated with customers through a newsletter and in-store events which helped them grow in locations, customers and sales. In seven years the store grew by 400% and expanded their customer database to include younger families with children.

“As a third-generation owner of my family’s business, I have learned that hiring the right people for the right job makes all the difference in the world. In ID Graphics I’ve found talented professionals who are innovative in looking out for the long-term welfare of my business. They have gone beyond just marketing campaigns to consider how outreach can contribute to my business goals and, therefore, my bottom line.” –Brett Moore, Montavilla Sewing Centers