As your Marketing Partner, we provide the vehicle that allows organizations to be seen, heard and understood. We create Public Service Announcements, Public Community and Family Events, and Publications with an emphasis on being healthy, building community and leading healthy choices.

Our Healthy and Fun Choices® Educational Programs are offered in schools, non-profits and partnering organizations. By being involved in these programs, your organization will be known for opening the lines of awareness and discussion around healthy choices in nutrition, physical activity, attitude, behaviors and communication.

Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Events are available as a turn-key program that includes an educational experience, take-home activity workbooks, inspirational and educational speakers, press releases and marketing campaign/initiatives. It is a great way to demonstrate how your culture defines healthy and enables your community to engage in an event that inspires positive change.

In addition to offering workshops and events, we train teachers and are a distribution channel for educational books, workbooks and activities.

For our latest events and more information, visit or call Kirsten at schedule a meeting at 503-314-6701.

We believe the healthier we are as individuals, the better contributors we are in our homes, schools, workplaces and communities.