Enthusiastic. Idea creator. Inspirational. Starter.

These are the words that clients and friends say when they talk about Kirsten Klug.

Kirsten understands that success is a journey and that everyone defines it differently. Kirsten wants to help creative business owners lead their life with less stress and worry and more joy and profits. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, not sure what step to take next, or want to build a business that others trust, then call Kirsten and start a conversation.

Kirsten started in business as a child selling crafts at craft fairs, Saturday market and retailers. Prior to graduating college, she started her graphic design firm which soon was combined with her husbands and called ID Graphics. Their business was ranked in the top 20 agencies by Media Inc. for over ten years. By 2003, clients were requesting them to do advertising and so they rolled the firm into a full-service agency. When the economy crashed in 2008, their clients stayed in business due to the practices they were implementing and soon Kirsten realized that they had created a sustainable business model.

After helping many  businesses advance their profits, programs and campaigns, Kirsten decided to test her model during the down economy with an educational program and non-profit. After reaching over 20,000 families in just a couple years and building an outreach platform for others, she realized how much she enjoys empowering others to succeed as well and is using what she learned in her consulting practice.

Kirsten Klug has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design & Communication, with a minor in Printing/Publishing Arts. Kirsten has excelled as an athlete, coach, oboe musician and artist.

This year, 2014, she celebrates 20 years in business with her husband, Fer, and is branching out as a consultant with a private practice opening in downtown Portland in May 2014. Kirsten is the mom to two very creative kids. She loves to go on adventures that include biking, swimming, beach combing, skiing, and/or hiking.