Innovative. Problem-solver. Honest. Passionate.

These are the words that people use to describe Fer. He is passionate about turning challenges into new products or opportunities.

Fer Klug enjoys working with individuals, teams and organizations when they are in the process of developing a new product or invention. He is your go-to guy when you want a second opinion or additional ideas for making a product become a reality.

Turn to Fer Klug for:
• Sketching ideas on paper
• Drawing CAD
• Implementing a drawing into a 3D Prototype
• Setting up plans, budgets and product-to-market analysis
• Product costing and planning
• Product-to-market communication campaign strategies

Fer Klug is an honest, hardworking designer that is ready to help turn your ideas into successful products and advance them into the marketplace.

Fer studied graphic design, video, photography, welding, 3D prototyping and more. He likes to get his hands dirty and get things made. In fact, he has even learned how to be a professional window cleaner so he can be outside in addition to working in the office.

When Fer is not working or building something new, you’ll find him doing or teaching Aikido, playing with his two kids, helping coach on the baseball field or hanging out with his wife and business partner.