As your Marketing Consultancy, we help organizations understand the value of challenges, adversities, opportunities and dreams.

Kirsten Klug provides consulting, leadership and training to help organizations make socially responsible decisions that result in growth and sustainable practices.

We are known for results:

• Provide communication strategies and implementation of campaigns that increased sales over $1 million.
• Grow product manufacturers from local sales to international distribution channels.
• Implement successful product launches.
• Expand demographics and focus areas.
• Manage a six-figure advertising, media and marketing budget.
• Communicate four new store openings, raising customer database by 5x in seven years.
• Attract customers to brick-and-mortar retailers.
• Discover new opportunities and initiatives to increase business profitability.
• Reduce advertising budget significantly to allow for growth in another area.
• Develop sales and marketing training internally and externally.

• Launch products with success that competed with a companies existing product lines.
• Develop 3D prototyping models for new product line, consulted on branding and marketing.
• Design corporate identities and innovative packaging.

Websites, Social Media
• Transition communication into mobility products – website, phones, apps, e-books, etc.
• Increase email community and memorable engagement.
• Implement existing websites into Responsive and E-commerce sites.
• Expand reach through new online channels.
• Develop and implement successful social media presence.