Success Story:


Challenge: To develop a brand image for a new condo project in NE Portland. The challenge is to create an image and message that promotes quality condos, finds ideal candidates and attract potential buyers to the open houses.

Strategy: Since the logo is the foundation of an effective marketing campaign, we focused on creating a unique identity and brand image that would make Bridgetown Village Condominiums stand out from other condo projects in Portland. ID Graphics created the logo, wrote content, designed a promotional brochure, signage systems for promoting the condos at local banks, a website with useful links and resources, and created and implemented a strong radio advertising campaign.

Results: The first open house weekend of September 2008 attracted more than 30 tours in one day. The five week campaign continued to attract the right buyers and create overall awareness throughout Portland. Due to the very challenged economy and freeze on loans, only 2 of the 15 referred home buyers have gotten loans. More than half of the people visiting mention that they heard the radio ad and visited the infromative website. “Our timing for opening the condo project was less than perfect, but I credit ID Graphics creative campaigns for our the success in attracting the ideal buyers to our condos.”–Don Nimz, Killingsworth Property Development LLC