Brand Culture

Brand culture is created by how and what you communicate internally (within your office) and externally (to your customers and community).

When you are understood internally and externally nearly the same way, your message and brand will resonate with others and help to create your culture. Three elements that help to define culture:

1.) Accessibility – who and how do you communicate? when is your business open? when can your clients get ahold of you? how easy are you to do business with?

2.) Style – what kind of style does your brand represent? do your employees dress in a certain style that represents your brand? what does your office look like? how does your website or marketing materials represent your business?

3.) Community – who are your clients? who are your ideal clients? how do your clients help further your reach? do you receive referrals? what promotions do you talk about? what kind of difference are you making in the community that you are in or are creating?

When your internal and external culture don’t aline, it simply takes a phone call and an assessment to get your brand culture back on track. Quite often we see Presidents that are too close to the ship to see how exactly they can navigate to make the biggest smallest changes to get their ship back in the direction of their dreams.

For additional thoughts or ideas on forming your brand culture, give Fer and Kirsten Klug a call. We’d love to have a discussion, do an assessment and complete a brand story that helps to define you and your culture.