When you hire Bamboo River®, you are hiring a team that is dedicated to your success—we are truly an extension of your company. 

We chose the name “Bamboo River” to signify the values we hold dear: Bamboo for its growth and resilience; and River for its flow that adjusts while connecting big and small systems.

Our mission is to help you grow your business, expand your reach and elevate your message. We have been enabling social venture thinking for family-owned businesses, product manufacturers and healthcare professionals for over twenty years. Now that there is a term for it we could be considered the “grandfather of social venture marketing.”

We believe that change and success are possible! And we can help you achieve your mission, goals and vision. We can work with you on your overall needs or campaign/event/project specific needs.

We are looking for new clients that want partners on their team, are open to creative ideas and are ready to implement change with words and actions. 

In 1994, husband- and wife-team started a graphic design firm called ID Graphics with a vision for creating identities, collateral, packaging and signage that stood out and made a difference. Soon ID Graphics was known for serving clients in healthcare, dental, sewing retail, consumer product manufacturing, and non-profit and public organizations.

Partial client list includes: City of Lake Oswego, S-Lem Electric Vehicles, Lego USA, Mentor Graphics, Montavilla Sewing Centers, Brooklyn Hardware, Artisan Dental Labs, Sunnyside Orthodontic Specialists, Liepold Farms, Gerding/Edlen, Eastside Athletic Clubs and Oregon Scientific.

As clients’ needs grew, ID Graphics became a full-service creative agency around 2004 and changed our name to Bamboo River® in 2009. As a full-service creative agency, the focus continued for providing exceptional service for select clients in product manufacturing, specialty retail and educational organizations. In 2010, Kirsten Klug began developing an educational program for individuals which has become its own venture and now a non-profit organization.

With our experience of helping hundreds of businesses and organizations lead through communications and our hands-on experience of creating a start-up venture, Healthy and Fun Choices®, we have also become a vehicle for others to succeed.

We approach every project as if it were our own and take every effort to do our best. We would enjoy working with you.